Lokmangal Annapoorna Yojana



To ensure the needy do not have to undergo trouble to arrange food for himself.

Why and How

Food is the basic necessity of life.

India's rich ancient culture takes a holistic approach to food which acknowledges the importance of food. Annadaan, or donating food, is considered to be a highly noble and sacred gesture. Because food not only satiates the hunger, it also nourishes the mind and soul.

Even after six decades of Independence, it is a troubling fact that not all Indians can have two square meals a day. Financially weak or physically disabled senior citizens, who are neglected by their families or have no family and have to look after themselves in old age, are the most severely affected. They neither have the resources nor the energy to manage the food.

Considering this situation, Lokmangal Foundation introduced the Lokmangal Annapoorna Yojana. Started on 8th March 2013, the Annapoorna Yojana aims to bring back the smile of happiness on the face of elderly people who are unfortunate enough to get a simple meal.

Under this scheme, senior citizens (above 60), who are neglected by their families or don't have any family, are provided meals twice a day right at their doorstep. Through advertisements in newspapers, a database of genuinely needy senior citizens gets compiled. A huge yet hygienic catering facility is put up. A team of cooks and assistants works here with the dedication to prepare the food. Another team of equally committed volunteers takes up the tiffins to the homes of the needy, scattered in different areas of the city.

Foundation aims to extend the scope of the scheme to include 1,500 senior citizens as beneficiaries.
Through sunshine, rain and fog, activists involved in the Annapoorna Yojana work every single day of the year to provide food to the elderly people.

Currently, this project serves for the senior citizens of Solapur. It is our sincere wish to get every needy senior citizen of India to have fulfilling meals every day.

Budget : Per tifin, Per month 1500 x 450 (Serving) = 675000 per month


Shivputra Shambhu Raje Mahanatya

Shivputra Shambhu Raje Mahanatya

Samudayik Vivah Sohala

Samudayik Vivah Sohala

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