You can sponsor the following projects fully or partially, as per your convenience.

1. Lokmangal Annapoorna Yojana: Let's care for the creator generation

The generation who created us is on the verge of breaking down. They are at the age where they are unable to earn their own bread. Let's have them a meal full of nutrition. Per tiffin, Rs. 5,70,000 are spent per month. Under the project of Lokmangal Annapoorna Yojana, you can sponsor

  • A needy senior citizen for a meal
  • A needy senior citizen for a day
  • A needy senior citizen for a week
  • A needy senior citizen for a month
  • A needy senior citizen for a year
  • Senior citizens from the particular area
  • Senior citizens for a particular time

2. Jalsandharan Project: Let's protect the Earth

Water resources are being scarce. With Jalsandharan Project, we try to conserve and increase the water resources.
Under this project, you can sponsor

  • The whole project
  • The required equipment

3. Vidyadaan Yojana/LOTUS: Let's educate the next generation

You can donate money for one of the students we have and take the financial responsibility for their education.
You can personally meet some of the students we have and sponsor one of them.

4. Samudayik Vivah Sohala: Let's help blossom the new dreams

The young generation wants to start their new life. Let's help them by sponsoring their marriage. Under the project of Samudayik Vivah Sohala, you can sponsor

  • The wedding costumes, ornaments and household items
  • A couple's wedding
  • The whole programme

We can have your committed heart. Your passion to help the needy people is going to be your path towards a good deed. We are there to guide you on that path.
You can become a volunteer for any of our projects and we will help you in getting involved. Your precious time is valuable and we respect that. If you wish to dedicate your time and efforts, we are pleased to find the useful work for you.

Companies work for society as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For many companies, 'giving back' is not about performing legal obligations of CSR. They want to generate goodwill in their respective societies. At this time, companies like you can fulfil your duties as a part of this society by joining hands with Lokmangal Foundation. With CSR activities, companies can contribute to society and develop a sense of responsibility in their employees.

You can donate the money, which we will use for any of our projects. You will also be able to avail tax benefits with the donations you kindly give us. Also, your donations can be in cash or kind. We value them all.

Join to be a pillar. Become a volunteer.