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Lokmangal Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust, operating across a broad landscape of social causes. We are working to bring back the glory of rural India. We wish to cater to all the classes and sections of the rural society to uplevel their standard of living by all means. From providing the deserving children with quality education to getting them married, from bringing the water to their farms to feeding the dependent elders of the society, we are determined to help them all. We work with the model that is changing the face of our rural society. We want to develop it further so that the rest of the country can follow it. With this model, we all can put a better tomorrow for the rural society.

In 2005, Hon. Mr. Subhash(Bapu) Deshmukh, the current Co-operatives, Marketing and Textile Minister of Maharashtra State, established Lokmangal Foundation with the vision of providing a better life for the rural community. Lokmangal Foundation works towards creating better tomorrows for needy people of rural areas. If they are given better opportunities, their lives will blossom. At present, the Foundation is working for the rural areas in the districts of Solapur and Osmanabad. In the coming years, with our development models, we want to achieve the progress of other rural civilizations.

Touching the lives of thousands of people through wide-ranging community outreach programs, Lokmangal Foundation aims to positively impact the lives of underprivileged people. We have today emerged as a respected NGO in Maharashtra. We are bringing the transformation in the rural societies. In this process, it will be an honour to work with the donors like you. You can make monetary as well as non-monetary contributions. Your little contributions can bring a big change in someone's life. Be a change agent with us.

We are proud to serve the people in need. We will continue the good work with dedication and devotion.

Our volunteers carry the great hearts which help us in so many ways. We would like more noble hearts to take this work to the new front.

Our work is to serve the needy. If you share such dedication, come join us. Your sincere efforts are always welcome.


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