• When the food is
    Poorna Brahma

  • Education changes the world

  • Conservation is the reservation
    for future

  • Life can start with a
    new beginning

Welcome to Lokmangal Foundation

We pledge for the development of the rural society. Our projects are dedicated to the betterment of them. It is our humble wish to spread this good deed all over India. You are welcome to donate and contribute.

Connecting hearts

Lessening burdens

Marriage has differentiating importance in everybody's life. It is burdensome for underprivileged families, sometimes leading to suicides. To help such families.

Satisfying souls

Nourishing minds

After the certain age, it is hard to earn your own bread. To provide these elders with a stomach full of meal and a mind full of peace.

After the certain age

Saving water

Saving future

Water conservation has become a need. The villages facing droughts, to provide them a better solution to reserve and conserve water resources.

Educating generations

Creating future

Basic education is an unachievable dream for the children who come from financially unwell families. To adopt and provide them with value-added learning.

Women Empowerment

Wonder women

Every woman possesses the spirit to be strong. She just needs to be trusted. To make respectful empowerment of women in rural areas.

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Being well

Wealthy health

Being healthy is the birthright of every human being and everyone should get it right. To provide health facilities at reasonable rates.

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Our Projects

Lokmangal Annapoorna Yojana

Senior citizens, neglected by their families, suffer the most when they can't even get the proper meals. We provide them tiffins with healthy and sufficient food.

Jalsandharan Project

Districts like Solapur face drought more often. Lokmangal Jalsandharan Pattern B.B. is an irrigation scheme to bring prosperity to farming.

Samudayik Vivah Sohala

Marriages are great. But for economically weaker sections of our society, they are quite burdensome. We help them with the wedding preparations.

About Lokmangal Foundation

What We Do

What We Do

Lokmangal Foundation works for the betterment of rural society. We try to improve their lives. Currently we are working on four projects.



  • Lokmangal Annapoorna Yojana
  • Jalsandharan Project
  • Vidyadaan Yojana
  • Samudayik Vivah Sohala

With the help of these projects, we are trying

  • To provide healthy and sufficient meals to the elders
  • To eradicate the water deficiency problem
  • To educate every deserving student
  • To lessen the burden of expenses made on marriages

Vision and Mission

  • To provide the rural society a better life.
  • To develop the models which the whole country can follow.
  • To stand for the development of rural society.

Volunteers of the month

Rahul Kolhatkar






Asif Shaikh


Join with us


To reach more of them, more hands are always welcome. Your donations will be reached to the needy people. They can get one couple married, saving their parents from debts, one of the biggest reasons of farmers' suicides. They can give five more children worthy of education. Your donations can change their lives. Come forward to be a change leader.






Years of Experience


Successful Projects

Words From People



Shivputra Shambhu Raje Mahanatya

A historical drama featuring Dr. Amol Kolhe as Shambhu Raje and 250 actors was arranged for all.


Shivputra Shambhu Raje Mahanatya


Samudayik Vivah Sohala

As per every year, Community Wedding Event was held in Osmanabad where hundreds of couples got married.


Samudayik Vivah Sohala


Lokmangal Shikshak Ratna Puraskar

Mrs. Lilatai Koti received Lokmangal's Dr. Abdul Kalam Award. Eleven teachers and two schools received various awards.


Lokmangal Shikshak Ratna Puraskar

Be a pillar. Be a Donor.